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Kerry Lewis

Kerry has a combined 15 years of experience as an event manager, personal fitness trainer, paddleboard instructor, mindset coach and emotional intelligence coach. With her extensive travels throughout Australia, Thailand and Europe, Kerry fell in love with the sense of adventure and the outdoors. She also grew up by the ocean with her family in the UK, and was out body-boarding, wakeboarding and knee-boarding when possible. Her passion is to help every body with their fitness challenges and connecting their mind, body and soul due to her personal story.
First Aid/CPR
Paddle Canada Basic & Advanced Flatwater Instructor
National College Diploma (UK) Business Studies
Level 3 College Diploma (UK) Personal Fitness Trainer and Nutrition
Certified Mindset Coach
Certified Emotional Intelligence Coach

Like with every body, I have a story.
Paddle boarding saved my life during COVID, and not because of the pandemic.
I unfortunately had a traumatic event that nearly cost my life.
Paddle boarding was a passion hobby/sport, and now is my full time career.
I couldn't be more thankful for the experiences and people I have met so far, and look forward to connecting with in the foreseeable future.

I am a strong believer that every body can belong on a paddleboard. 
Some people I have worked with in the past have had fears of falling in, tight hips or ankles, struggles of upper body strength and also autism, to name a few. Every single person has faced a fear with me, and come out the other end surprised that they can conquer the unknown leaving them overwhelmed with joy.

A little story...

I had a lady join me for a lesson in 2023 who had a huge fear of falling in and being under the water. This stemmed from a childhood experience, all of which we had discussed prior to the lesson.
When it came to self-rescue and getting in the water, I modified this for her. Prior to getting in the water, she started to have a panic attack. In this moment, I spoke with her gently to help ease her mind. When she was ready, she lowered herself into the water and then completely freaked out. I was there to pull her straight back on the board and help her come out of the panic state of mind. 
Once she felt calm and stable to try again, she lowered herself back in. This time, she was a lot calmer and was able to listen to my every instruction to pull herself back on the board. By the end of the lesson, she even jumped off her board and got head deep under the water. She couldn't believe the confidence that came over her - breaking down her barrier.

When you work with me and my team of instructors, we like to ensure we discuss your physical fitness, familiarity and comfort with water. I personally like to also connect with you on your mind and soul and establish your goals. We can then work intentionally together to achieve what it is you are looking for in either a one day or multi day experience. I offer lessons for basic and advanced flatwater paddle boarding, sunrise and sunset tours in the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Canada, 3-7 day long Adventures and Retreats for women looking to restore and take back control of their lives.

I believe that being on the water and surrounding yourself in nature, unlocks a fierce soul calling and unlimited physical potential. This is what happened for me and has given me a purpose to live my life to the fullest, without judgement and fear of not belonging, all while staying connected, grounded and physically strong.


My Passion
I want to support those in fear of the water and show them how fun and safe paddle boarding can be. I want to help those who lack self confidence in their abilities to paddleboard. There is no age/height/weight restriction. My vision is to help every body who is looking to try something new and challenge themselves outside their comfort zone, with creating a safe and happy community for all to enjoy.

My Mission

My mission is to provide the relevant skills and safety knowledge around paddle boarding by facilitating paddleboard experiences that include more than the float. Training the mind, body and soul to help you push through any boundaries you may have. 

My Values
I am committed to providing every body the best paddle boarding experience, regardless what service they book with Paddle A Board Vacations. My passion for paddle boarding brings me to connecting every body in a fun and safe environment.

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