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Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP)


Paddle A Board Vacations provides an exciting and unique way for people to learn the exhilarating sport of paddle boarding! Our experienced and fully qualified Paddle Canada paddleboard instructor will teach you all the basic skills, safety tips and processes, as well as how to correctly set up and launch into the water.

You'll learn different strokes such as forward stroke, sweep stroke, knee paddling, and prone, as well as a rescue process if you fall in. With us, you'll have loads of fun, do some exercises and even play games while paddle boarding.

All lessons are 2-2.5hours long, 1-6 participants and suitable for ages 12+ with parent consent

Lessons run to two and half hours if group size is 4+.


Bowness Lagoon in Bowness Park, Calgary, Alberta.

Okanagan Beach, Kelowna, British Columbia.

Alternative locations can be discussed at time of booking.

Lessons are held on:

Wednesday & Thursday - 4pm & 7pm

Friday - 12pm, 4pm & 7pm

Saturday - 8am, 11am, 2pm & 5pm

Sunday - 9am, 12pm, 3pm

Lessons starting from Saturday 20th May 2023 in British Columbia.



Price is based on if you have your own board


Price is based on lesson, board rental and lifejacket rental

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