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Here we go! The first blog post from Paddle A Board Vacations. As we gear up to our first full year of tours and adventures, we thought it would be a great idea to sit down with our founder, Kerry Lewis, for some insight into what led her to provide paddle boarding experiences for the masses.

Okay Kerry, we’ll ease you into the questions slowly. When did you first try paddle boarding?

First of all, you have to understand that I’m a water baby at heart. I was at home in the water before I could even walk! My parents took me and my brother to Cornwall in the UK as kids, and we spent time surfing in the summer. I remember seeing people paddle boarding out in the ocean and immediately had to give it a go myself. It was love at first paddle.

What was the water like? I imagine it’s got to be very different paddling on the sea than on our glorious mountain lakes!

It was rough, choppy, and not at all fun at first! I couldn’t stand without falling off and my balance was all over the place. But you know what they say, practice makes perfect, and my stability is much better now.

What other outdoor pursuits are you into?

I’m into it all! I love being active, but I especially love hiking, skiing and camping. And any water sports, of course!

Canada sounds like the perfect place for you then. What led you to moving here?

My uncle had actually moved here when he was in university. As a child we’d visited and I fell in love with the mountains and the city of Calgary, even though it was the middle of winter! After coming back during the summer time, I knew this was home for me, so I did my research and made the move officially in May 2019.

What’s different about paddle boarding here in Canada, versus back in the UK?

The colour of the water! Canada has the most incredible views in the mountains with crystal clear waters and stunning turquoise lakes. In comparison, natural bodies of water in the UK aren’t as clean or cared for. Being in Canada, I paddle mainly on lakes which can be tough on windy days, but still nothing compared to the challenge of paddling on the ocean.

What made you buy a paddle board when you moved to Canada?

I missed being out on the water, and living so close to some of the most iconic lakes in the world seemed like a wasted opportunity. I had the urge to paddle them. There’s something so relaxing about being out on a lake, and I needed that happiness in my daily life.

What was the first lake you paddled on in Canada?

My first was Barrier Lake. It was fun to tackle on a windy May day! I’ve only paddled it a couple more times since, but now I’ve learned to stick to the sides unless you want to battle the wind tunnel that comes storming down the middle of the lake. My favourite place to paddle board would have to be Lake Louise, it’s just so iconic.

It sounds like paddle boarding is part of who you are! What do you love the most about it?

Paddle boarding gives me the ultimate sense of freedom. It’s such a simple sport but brings me so much peace. I get to leave all my worries and fears back on the shore line. If I could describe paddle boarding in three words they would be HEAVEN ON EARTH!

If you had to pick one paddleboard to use, what would it be?

Brand wise I love POP Board Co. They have awesome designs and are the best for durability, stability and overall product design in my opinion.

What do you love the most about your paddle board vacations?

Getting the chance to interact with new people from across the world is a winner for me. When I meet people who shares the same passion for paddle boarding that I do, it leads to magical days on the water! I can’t wait for guests to share that feeling.

There you have it folks! Kerry Lewis is a paddle boarding machine, and is ready to show you her favourite lakes in this beautiful corner of the world we call home. If you’re ready to sign up for your very own paddle boarding adventure, visit our Ultimate Paddle Tour page now!

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