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Meditating in Nature


Restore and take back control of your life with the ultimate retreat experience. Immerse yourself in a transformative journey of wellness and adventure, where serene paddle boarding meets mindful practices in breathtaking locations. Perfect for finding yourself again amongst all the pain and suffering you are experiencing. Join Kerry and some other incredible women to elevate your wellbeing and find harmony within.​


I’m Kerry Lewis, founder and director of Paddle A Board. My mission involves serving women by facilitating paddleboard experiences that include more than the float, because of my core values and story.


There was a time when I would have to close my eyes for a few seconds just to reset myself from the emotional and physical overwhelm in life.

Have you ever done that?

Created a scene on the back of your eyelids, just for a moment, that resembles your definition of serenity? Or have you become so depleted or unsatisfied that you can’t even make a three second movie about renewal in that tiny closed-eye break?


What does nature, water, and a big floaty board

have to do with the universal need of humans: to be valued and loved?

Everything… and more.

Oh, and sisterhood.

Sisterhood is the only reason humans are here in the 21st century.


You deserve more than just a few seconds of imagining your version of tranquility.

You deserve to understand how, in a reset, to feel valued and loved by you.

I want to make that experience a reality for you. And I can.

There’s no going back when nature shows a group of women who they really are.

And not going back is an incredible place not to return to.


Gliding on tranquil waters,

engaging in deep meditation,

and absorbing nature

creates a curated sanctuary

for you to strengthen

 your mind, body, and spirit

not to mention it will affect your core.


Stay with me as I’ll explain after I’ve redefined the word ‘retreat’.


RETREAT: Verb – withdraw from oppressive forces that are wearing you out and down.

RETREAT: Noun – the act of taking a step back to a safe-to-you space for personal restoration. RETREAT: Noun – a peaceful place where the questions inside you meet the answers inside you.


I have an amazing team and have partnered with a brilliant co-facilitator.

Join us over 4-7 days in finding solace, discovering a self you either lost or have never met, and unearthing the generational strength of sisters who lived before you and are within you.


Women with Sparklers

When you invest in you, the whole world benefits… and changes for the good.

Maybe you’ve been waiting for a sign—maybe you’ve slammed a few doors or contemplated closing a few. How about, first, opening this one and stepping over the threshold that will help you deal with what you have going on: grief, worry, career, and/or demands of family, work, and society in general.

Replace lessons with sessions as each thoughtfully planned event nurtures and feeds your body, mind, and soul—blending physical activity with mindfulness in a harmonious song as individual as your heartbeat.

I’ve explained all the feels here. I serve women by facilitating paddleboard experiences that include more than the float, because of my core values and own story. If you send me a message I’d be happy to have a real conversation about this invitation—to offer reassurance and answer your questions be they logistical or otherwise. I can also customize for a group you represent.


My official stats: Certified Mindset Coach, Card Reader, Level 3 UK College Diploma, Personal Trainer, Advanced Paddle Canada Instructor for flatwater.


Mini Retreat
July 19th - 22nd 2024
Northaven Retreat Centre, Overlander 
Hinton/Jasper, AB

Day 1 - Arrive and Connect

4pm - Arrive and settle in with some light refreshments

5:30pm - Opening Circle

6:30pm - Dinner

7:45pm - Setting your intentions 

9pm - Guided Meditation

Day 2 - Channeling Your Intuition

7am - Morning HIIT Workout

8am - Breakfast

9:30am - Self Regard 

11am - Guided Meditation

12:30pm - Lunch

2:30pm - Paddleboard. Facing fears and identifying boundaries

6pm - Dinner

7:30pm - Recap of the day followed by Guided Meditation

Day 3 - Setting Boundaries

7:30am - Walk with Nature

8:30am - Breakfast

9:45am - Empathy Exercise

11am - Guided Meditation

12:30pm - Lunch

2pm - Flexibility and Stress Management

4:30pm - Paddleboard. Be with nature and your thoughts

7pm - Dinner

8pm - Guided Meditation

Day 4 - Grounding

7:30am - Walk with Nature

8am - Breakfast

9.30am - Closing Ceremony. Loving What Is.

What Is Included?

3 nights, 3.5 days (Mini) 7 nights, 7 days (Full)

Private rooms

All catering included *Menus designed and delivered by a professional Chef

Guided Meditation

Mindset/Emotional Intelligence Coaching

Walks in Nature

Paddle boarding

Free time to be with your emotions and journal

Loving, guided support throughout

Invest in yourself for a small price of only

$1,499 + booking fees *Mini Retreat pricing

Full Retreat pricing and location/s coming soon - 2025


$1,299 + booking fees *Mini Retreat pricing

Payment plans are available. Please enquire with us.

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