This Is Our Story

Our vision began on a solo road trip driving across Canada from Toronto to Calgary - 36 hours of driving with stops in between to paddle out on some of the most breath taking lakes. To top it off, we also spent 2 nights camping out in the back of the rental van sleeping on the paddle board. As you can imagine, with this length of time you either go insane or your brain starts to get creative...and that's exactly what happened!

Kerry on road trip back from Ontario with paddle board in the back of the van

So the idea started to flow... love to travel... love to meet and interact with new people throughout the world... love to plan... love to help support local businesses... love to PADDLE BOARD! 

With all of the above, we started to do our market research - more road trips...hard life I tell you - exploring different areas of Alberta and British Columbia on the search to finding the best hidden gems Canada has to offer. Little did we know how much interest this would bring to the SUP industry and Canadian tourism. 

With the support from people across the world, piece by piece Kerry started to plan everything. A survey was setup to listen to what YOU wanted to see on the ultimate paddle boarding tour across Canada...and so Kerry listened and started building the package - looking for unique accommodation, extra activities to include or add on along the way, amazing small local businesses to collaborate with - bringing you some exceptional offers!

Meet The Team

This is Kerry the founder of Paddle A Board Inc

President / Founder


Kerry Lewis

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Kerry was born in a small town in the county of Essex in England. She grew up with her two parents and two brothers who all had a passion for being by the seaside and getting involved in any water sports - surfing, body boarding, wake boarding - you name it, they loved it. 

Kerry visited Canada a couple of times when she was young, as her uncle used to live in Calgary, AB, before residing in Victoria, BC. She fell in love with the country, people, and way of living, after visiting for a 6 month period after college. But her passion of working on some of the biggest events in London, UK, drove her to build her career back there before returning 9 years later, working for Calgary Stampede. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 she was let go. On the other hand, it is a blessing as it got her to be creative and design this amazing tour package.

Her favourite food is sushi or English roast dinner

She has a passion for any water sports, hiking and skiing

Loves her wine and English dairy milk chocolate

Terrible blonde moments to keep you all laughing and on your toes

Snorts when she laughs too much

Crazy dare devil